Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boise Depot Construction

This is what the Boise Depot looks like right now, getting a new coat of stucco. I thought there was a fire at the top when I first drove by, but I guess it was just the lighting. The spots on the picture are raindrops. The Boise Depot is where you used to be able to catch a passenger train. Passenger trains don't stop in Boise anymore. You can rent the facility for meetings, parties and weddings.


  1. Love the interesting lines that the scaffolding makes!

    Now I'm curious: why aren't passenger trains stopping at Boise? People don't take trains anymore?

    At least the depot was kept by the city. The entrance looks very interesting. Should be very pretty once the renovation's done.

  2. And you can take some fantastic photos there. Which is why it's great for weddings. Visit there in the summer, and you'll more likely than not get yelled at for being in someone's wedding photos.


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