Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 8th Street Marketplace

I popped into the 8th Street Marketplace a couple of weeks ago, just to see what is left. The area of town is has become engulfed by the BoDo development. There wasn't much to see of the marketplace, and the insides are getting a remodel. Lots of scaffolding, dust, debris, and empty shop spaces, and everything was very dark. I checked out two levels and saw only a couple of stores - all closed, and some say they are only open "by appointment." There was an abandoned copy machine in the one of the hallways. This used to be a popular place with trendy clothing, a wine shop and a movie theater -where they would put REAL BUTTER on the popcorn. This sign is inside on one of the walls. It's nice to see the brick hasn't been covered up.


  1. Hi Alice - BoDo, I believe is short for Boise Downtown....the developer gave it that name.

  2. I miss the Marketplace, too. "BoDo" has a very high "dumb" factor.

    On the plus side, real butter is still available at The Flicks!

  3. BoDo?

    Someone probably got paid a lot of money to come up with that!

  4. I love the atmosphere of the 8th Street Marketplace. My parents would take us to eat there when Cafe Ole was still in the area. Do any of them still exist in Boise?

    I'm happy to see the brick is still there, as well. I hope they keep it.

    And, I agree, Danielo - "BoDo" has an EXTREMELY high dumb factor.

  5. Becky - good news! Cafe Ole is still there. The only thing I recognize as being there all these years.


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