Sunday, September 21, 2008

So Much Rain, the Sewers Overflowed

Well, yucky...this is an overflowing sewer in the middle of a street. We had thunderstorms and big rain, and by big rain, I mean 3/4 inch (0.76in / 19.3mm). That may not seem like a lot, but here with our clay soils in the high desert, the water doesn't really soak in to the ground very quickly.


  1. This photo takes the cake. On the portal I thought this was the bottoms of four ducks diving for something to eat. Honest.

  2. And I thought it was a fountain experiencing mechanical failure. ;)

    But I know what you mean about yucky. Happens a lot here in Manila during sudden downpours.

  3. wow, thats a lot of rain to make the sewer bubble up.

  4. Yesterday it poured here all day too. There isn't really any such thing as overflowing sewers though.

    If it rains too hard and the treatment plants can't cope we just send everything out into the ocean. And I do mean everything.

    We don't send storm water for treatment of course, that goes straight into the chuck.

    Hope you had your Wellies on Diva.

  5. It looked like a fountain. Now I'm thinking, eww.

  6. I thought this kind of stuff happen only in Spain... I was wrong...


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