Monday, August 18, 2008

Sally's Van

We don't really "know" Sally, but we have seen her van often at Barnes and Noble bookstore, and on the roads in the Boise Bench area. My daughter has insisted the bird (an eagle) in the window is real. We always wonder which person she is when we're inside the bookstore - haven't figured it out yet, though. Hi Sally!


  1. How come Sally has a van? I want one...with an eagle.

  2. en regardant la photo en grand, j'ai l'impression que c'est une sculpture d'un aigle, tu es sur que c'est un vrai ?

    looking at the big picture, I have the impression that it is a sculpture of an eagle, you're sure this is true?

  3. Neat idea. I remember, not that long ago, when a new SUV painted white suddenly appears with beautiful paintings of the American Flag on both sides. Right after the beginning of this Iraq war. It prompted others in town to have their cars and trucks and SUVs painted in similar ways.

    Sally has probably started something.

  4. Has anyone met Sally, yet?


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