Sunday, August 31, 2008

"The Mall"

It's not a common destination in my family, but we went there Saturday. This is Boise Towne Square Mall. Kind of like any mall, anywhere, USA, with JC Penney, Macy's, Dillards and all the usual "mall stores" - Disney Store, Williams-Sonoma, Sears...When it first opened, there were quite a few mom-and-pop places - and I knew people who owned stores. They all basically told me the same story over the years, they were kicked out to make room for national names. The "national name" I was interested in was Coldwater Creek. They had sent me $100 to use in the store, and it expired today so I needed to collect my freebies.


  1. It's going to take more than spelling town with an e to charm up one these places.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it has a Dollar Store in it now which it wouldn't likely have had when it opened.

    Thanks Diva.

  2. I'm not sad that the closest mall to us is 3 hours away, but I do love Borders!

  3. $100 free would get me there. Down here they are moving away from malls and are starting to build town centers. Open air shopping built like the old town squares.


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