Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Grove Fountain

This is the fountain in "The Grove" in downtown Boise. It's a public plaza by the convention center, an arena, and a couple of banks. Every Wednesday, there's a free concert here - and we stopped by during the Saturday market - full of art, flowers, and food. In Arizona, there are fountains similar to this all over the place, they call them "splash pads."


  1. Yeah, these splash pads were popular with our kids and now with our grandchildren (except the splash pads of today are more splashy) Good shot.

  2. Nice pic, looks like a good way to beat the heat. However, if I had kids, they wouldnt be playing in them. Lots of people have gotten sick in Dallas from them this year.

  3. elle ressemble à la grande fontaine qui se trouve sur la grande place d'Evry. j'adore

    it resembles the large fountain which is located on the main square of Evry. I love

  4. A fountain for the kids and marketing for the adults — sounds perfect!


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