Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Boise's Diversion Dam

This small dam is on the Boise River below Lucky Peak Dam. Diversion Dam is 100 years old this year. It generates some electricity, I think, but it's main purpose is to "divert" part of the Boise River into the New York Canal. It's part of the irrigation system that waters farms, and now yards, through Boise and west to just beyond Nampa.
This is the power house. You used to be able to walk over the top of the dam and right up to the big windows, and look inside at all the gears and machinery turning. You can see the security gate that keeps people away from the power house now. I'm not sure you can even walk across the dam. Thanks to my husband for taking these pictures while riding his bike along the Boise River Greenbelt.


  1. Wow. That must be a wonderful bike ride. And the sounds must be fabulous.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville, Ohio

  2. I too love water sound.

  3. Hi Boise, I always your photos and blog, and comments on our blog. Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

  4. This photo makes me feel cool, so here in Funabashi is too hot.


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