Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Your Tax Dollars P*&% At Work"

The Ustick Road widening project in Boise is the most unpopular road project I can remember. The "addition" to this sign is the more polite than I would have expected. Ustick used to be a two-lane road with lots of historical homes and interests, and it's being turned into a five-lane mini-highway so people can get to their new homes in adjacent towns more quickly. The "casualties" include homes that now have a major road just a few feet from their windows, several houses have been abandoned. And some businesses haven't survived - see the entry on Delsa's.

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  1. I thought that POOP may be part of the sign, funny that someone wanted to deface it but was polite in the word used. Cant stop progress, at least thats what we are told. I have nothing agasint progress, but not at the cost of losing local history and identity.


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