Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"No Trespassing" at the Boise City Poop Farm

July's Theme Day at City Daily Photo is "No...." signs. This sign is at what's commonly called Boise's "Poop Farm," although the sign points out more elegantly that it's the Boise City Sewer Treatment Facility Biosolids Recycling Site. It's 4,000 acres south of town where sewage sludge is spread on crops as fertilizer. No people food crops are grown, just forage and other animal feed. An update: I found another reason to stay far, far away from this "farm," read about it here.


  1. Hi Diva,

    The bees are back in Brookville, Ohio. I hope for the rest of the year at least. I even got one on my Better Blog Writing post today. LOL

    I see you found an adorable No sign for our July Theme Day.

    Isn't it almost funny to think of adult people scurrying around their communities taking pictures of signs. And if somebody had asked what that is all about and you said a sign with "no" on it, they might... well. It is kind of funny.

    —Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. I think the smell would keep people out, no sign needed.

  3. Hi Abraham - so glad to hear the bees are back! I'll go take a look at your photo proof!

  4. Hi Jim - we didn't detect any odors while we were near the farm, but really, I would think just being clear about what's spread all over the fields would keep people out without a "no trespassing" sign needed!

  5. That sign would keep me out!

  6. Great idea. Thanks for the image and the story to go with it!


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