Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Mom Told Me NOT to Eat Yellow Snow

Shaved ice shacks can be found in parking lots throughout town during the summer. Some are true shaved ice - which is the best! Some are ice pellets, which aren't my favorite.


  1. LOL.
    That is a funny sign and my kids, now in the 50s remember us warning them about that. The post is neat and brings back a lot of memories.

  2. Yeah? I dont think I would want the yellow snow either.

  3. Hi hobo - the "yellow snow" directive is always taught to children when they experience their first few snowfalls. Yellow snow is snow that has been urinated on...

  4. I haven't had snow cones in ages.

    I will have to hunt down for some snow cone this week. :-)

  5. This is universal. We say the same in the uk. Fun sign, not sure about the cone.

  6. ohh...
    Thanks for the information.


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