Monday, July 21, 2008

Franklin School - Another One Closed for Good

Here's another school closed for good. This one was an elementary at the corner of Franklin and Orchard.
The building is over 100 years old. You can see that most of the big windows were covered up, and just like Cole School - it's archaeological value has been deemed "zero."
Someone told me this bell used to be on top of the school. The clapper is gone. The plaque says: The School Bell
A Sentinel for the Franklin Community
1885 - 1947
I'm surprised this stone is still in the landscape island in front of the school. The bricks around the landscaping are gone - sold? Stolen?


  1. A sad commentary that we can preserve old buildings like this. I see a lot of that happening here

  2. I whole-heartedly believe :
    Old architect was better than modern ones...
    Old is Gold always...
    I agree with Steve that we can preserve old buildings like this.

  3. I've seen the Franklin School. My parents live in Boise and I grew up there. Many of your pictures are of areas/things familiar to me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...and tell me - how did you come to try avocado ice cream?

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  5. Why closed for good? Too old and dangerous? Not enough children in Boise? How strange! I have only lived in cities where they try to build MORE schools for all the over-crowded classes. Maybe you could suggest to city hall to make it into a Museum. They used our old hospital and made it into a Museum. My family has often written to city hall with suggestions that city hall carried through with. One person CAN make a difference.

  6. Hi bluebirdy - ask your daughter about our storms today. We got a half inch of rain in mere minutes, and big thunderstorms have been rolling through. The Boise School District closed several schools over the past two years. Enrollments have declined as the population has sprawled, and they said some schools were more expensive to fix than build anew.

  7. Daughter was online and left b/c of storm. I think u r getting what we had earlier. We got 18" in 90 minutes, caused flash flooding in the city, and 2 days ago hail so heavy that every car dealer is selling all cars half price that were dented by the hail, so we are going car shopping! We don't care much about some little dents like that, as long as we can protect them from rust with matching paint. OIC the reason for closing the school. Many cities find that people move out to suburbs and surrounding communities, and more businesses are in the mid city, so less children. Here even the houses in mid city have been turned into lawyer and Dr. offices, so one school was torn down b/c no children lived mid city anymore. So nice to know you! I'm loving meeting new blogger buddies. If you want to visit my daughter's blog who lives in Boise, she'd be happy to hear from you.

  8. I attended this school in 1973-1974. Mrs. Harshman was the best teacher in the world! We left the state that year. It's disappointing to discover this evening that such a historical school was torn down, and a piece of educational history in Boise is gone!


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