Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fireworks Season is Open in Boise

It's the patriotic thing to do in Boise this time of year, light stuff on fire. Fireworks stands on every corner. The ones for sale within city limits are the "safe and sane" ones, but Idaho has interesting laws on fireworks. Drive just a few miles and you can buy just about anything. Professional canisters, firecrackers, bottle rockets. It's legal to BUY them, but illegal to LIGHT them. Hmmmm. We sit out in front of our house along with all the neighbors and watch the sky every July 4th. "Illegal" fireworks everywhere and quite a show! In fact, the shows are already going on every night. Boise Police always say they are going to "crack down," but they've written less than a dozen tickets over the past three years. It's kinda hard to figure out where they come from, I guess.


  1. I think we have the same laws here. They sell them just outside of the city limits. There are more this year it seems than in the past.

  2. Hi Jim - I know in Idaho, we draw people from several nearby states to buy the "illegal" ones. I have a friend who told me you have to sign a piece of paper saying you won't light them, which is pretty funny.


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