Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Community Gardening

This plant tower is at the Silver Sage Community Garden - hosted by the Silver Sage Girl Scout Council. Lots of corn, cabbage, beans, tomatoes and squash growing here. Each family has a plaque by their plot.


  1. A nice way to meet people with similar likes and a good way to get some great food. The photograph is nice to see.

  2. Next year I am going to build a garden in my back yard or join a community garden like this one. I think there is one not very far from here.

  3. In the thumbnail, I thought it was a real building. :)

    One of these days, I really have to learn some gardening.

  4. That garden looks like it is going great guns. It's so wonderful to be able to grow your own. We live out in the country and have done so for years. The deer have gotten so aggressive though we have to fence and net the plants.


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