Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cloverdale Nursery

We purchased a river birch and a red oak from this nursery three years ago - and both trees are doing fabulous! This sign is carved from giant logs. Every once in a while, a piece falls apart and they put it back together. I notice that the bottom part of the "C" is missing right now. This is a nursery that does grow a lot of its own trees. They have quite the acreage with shrubs and trees. It is surrounded by subdivisions, so, it's another one of those places that we wonder how much longer it will stay there.


  1. I like the sign, pretty creative. It seems everything is being pushed out by the planned communities and McMansions.

  2. Love the sign. Hopefully the nursery can stay in business amidst the encroaching neighborhoods.

  3. Oh, I hope it stays! If I were a resident there, I'd be grateful for the trees and plants providing a spot of green in the area. I can see different kinds of trees in the background, and they're handsome!


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