Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boise's Mountain View Disappears

The Boise mountains we usually see every day were gone from view Saturday. You can look close and maybe see an outline of the Boise Front. This is smoke from wildfires and pollution blocking the view. The state rates this as "moderate" air quality - even though you could see the haze at the street-level just a couple of blocks away. I took this picture from McMillan Road. You can compare the view from McMillan in April below. Our recent 100-degree weather has also turned the grasses to brown.


  1. Big difference. Is this an every summer thing or has this year been bad so far?

  2. very cool blog....I have family in Boise....and my hub is from a small town outside Twin falls....

    Nice to see pics of the place....


  3. Hi Jim - well, it used to not be so bad, except when there were big wildfires. But Boise was a boom town, and now the summer pollution is common. It happens in the winter, too. Because we're up against such a large mountain range (and it goes on and on beyond the Boise Front), pollution gets trapped.

  4. How to stop pollution ?
    Curb wishes.
    Possible ?
    I dont think so.

  5. Let's hope all these wildfires are contained quickly. They are about to start field burning around here. After the harvest the grass seed farmers burn the fields to kill off the weed seeds rather than use herbicides. It is very controversial, rough on people with asthma, etc.


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