Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding in Kathryn Albertson Park

We attended the wedding of one of my daughter's teacher's in Katheryn Albertson Park - what a pretty setting. The park is about 40 acres, and it's a nature preserve-type park. We saw a deer grazing in the background, a lot of "wild" areas - very beautiful. When major construction was done on the I184 loop into town, they had to tear out tons of landscaping, and they moved most of it to this park. The land was donated by the Albertson family of "Albertsons" store fame. It's right across the street from Ann Morrison Park.


  1. Boy this is a beautiful wedding environment and I am so glad to hear the city moved all of the shrubs and trees to the park. That is really forward thinking on the part of somebody there in your city.

  2. Hi Abraham, I wish we had extra time last night to explore that park some more. I honestly hadn't been there in over a year, and my last visit was during the fall - and it looked like a totally different park at that time of year.


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