Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smith Block - Home to Pigeons

Look up while walking along Main Street in downtown Boise. While the store fronts look modern, a lot of the upper floors show the buildings' true age. The Smith Block was built in 1905, according to state historical records, and that's the only thing that's noted - that it was built in that year. It's hard to see if there really is anything on the upper floors - the windows are so dingy and warped, I would think the rooms were storage, or empty. The only activity I saw on my visit to the area were pigeons popping in and out of the holes near the top.


  1. Did you know that underneath most of those buildings are passageways to other buildings? If you ever get the chance to check it out you should. It is creepy, but very very cool.

  2. Did you also know that Smith Block use to be an old brothel? I have been inside and a lot of things have been taken but its not hard to tell what went on there. I have some pics of the inside. It is very run down now. It is very a very cool place. I began researching it after going inside because I was wanting to find some pics of it back when it was open. I am not having very much luck with that though. I just thought that everyone would like to know that there is an old brothel in downtown Boise.


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