Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interesting Fence - Recycling

A license plate collection display covering up a chain-link fence. Mostly Idaho, but some California, Montana, Colorado and Utah plates are there, too. The small red, white and blue Idaho plates are motorcycle plates. The bench behind the fence is also decorated with bottle caps, as is the "frame" around the "picture" on the cedar fence.


  1. Very creative recycling there. But have you seen those little handbags for women made out of old license plates? They're lovely!

  2. Hi Hilda - now that you mention it, I have seen those purses, I had forgotten about them and they are nice. It also reminds of the cut up beer can purses, and ones wovens from the plastic holders for six-packs of soda.

  3. Hi Afyonkarahisar - thanks for stopping by. I love all the colorful shots on your blog, the flowers about the third shot down today are especially nice!


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