Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The High Bridge at Lucky Peak Reservoir

Drive a few minutes north of Boise and you arrive at Lucky Peak Reservoir. Our Greenbelt path ends at the state park right below the dam, I've ridden my bike from downtown to the dam...and then, of course, back....slowly...because I was plum tired. This is called simply, the High Bridge. Every once in a while, people think jumping off it would be a good idea, many have not survived because they hit the water so hard it knocks them out. Notice how there aren't any road guards on either side of the bridge, so people have driven their cars right over the edge. It was even done on purpose for a movie once, too, Bill Cosby's "Ghost Dad." The producers of the movie didn't make good on their agreement to remove the cars from the water. And when water levels dropped later in the year, there were plenty of 9-1-1 calls from people who thought there had been an accident. Thank you to my dear friend and neighbor Faith for providing today's photo.

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