Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday - Hannifin's is 100 years old

This year is the 100th birthday for Hannifin's Cigar Store. Worn wooden floors and a permanent fresh tobacco smell permeate the small space. Besides tobacco products, this store used to be famous for its extensive offering of magazines, even the "dirty" ones, but I hear the magazine offerings have been removed. The store has changed hands a lot recently, and now is focusing on being more of a corner store for people who live downtown, offering home goods and food, along with tobacco products and beer.


  1. Hi again! Could you post some pics of the inside of the Boise Basque Museum. When we went thru Boise last May we ate at the Basque Restaurant but were too late in the day to go to the Basque Museum. It looked interesting from the outside.

  2. Hi jack and joann - what a great idea! I'll try to get to the museum next weekend with my family. The Boise Basque Block is very interesting, and not too many years ago, it was all just abandoned buildings.


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