Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boise's Lighthouse - and a Wagon Wheel

I love this front yard that I often see while running errands. It has everything, except grass, which is probably nice maintenance-wise. Notice the old wagon wheel, those are very common around here and I'm going to start documenting them on this site. While this yard is mostly nautically-themed, there are little surprises all over the place, and they also have a wrought iron fenced off small area with what looks like a grave marker. I have no idea if it's just for fun, or for real.


  1. I love this photo. It's very resourceful that they utilized the gravel and rock in a dryer climate. Way to conserve water.:)

  2. Hey Gwyn - believe me, I can't wait to get rid of more grass in our yard! It takes so much coddling and cash to stay green in this high desert we live in. I think I want to keep some in place close to the house - it does have a cooling effect. Right now, it's nice to have lawn because my daughter likes to play outside on it. At my parent's place in AZ, it's all rock (that's actually the law in their area) and she complaints you can't play on that.


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