Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boise's Golden Wheel Restaurant

Another "wagon wheel" - the Golden Wheel drive-in and restaurant. The wheel obviously is not golden colored, maybe it was in a previous version. This is one of those relic drive-ins that I hope stays around, but is quickly being swallowed up by modern strip malls and new housing. My husband says the orange soda floats are the thing to get there, they taste like a dream bar. Look at the rest of my wagon wheel collection through links on the right - scroll down to Wagon Wheel Chic.


  1. Yum, a burger and an orange soda float. Make that for here, please! Nice shot.

  2. Hi Ken - Thanks for stopping by. Cafe Figaro closed??!!!!

  3. Hi Ft. Lauderdale Daily Photo - I told my husband I went to the Golden Wheel to get a picture, and he couldn't believe I didn't also get some food! I'll get a burger and orange soda float for you next time I'm there, and it's not far from my home, so it will be soon.


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