Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking Into Boise from the East Foothills

Here is a taste of the view the lucky ones in the Boise foothills get to see every day. In the middle left, you can see the tip of the Capitol building. I went downtown last week to get some photos of the Capitol, and well, I couldn't get an angle. Everything is torn up as they add underground wings. Folks with the big windows and balconies in this neighborhood pictured can see the whole Treasure Valley. My apologies for missing a post yesterday. I was traveling to England and am still time-zone reversed!


  1. Thats a nice picture, I like the mountains in the far background.

  2. Hi Jim - those mountains in the far background are the Owyhees. We say it oh-WHY-hees. It's a funny name that some people say is Native American language-based. Another story is that the person who named the area wanted to call it Hawaii - because of some resemblance in the lava rock areas to Hawaii.


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