Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Isolated Ice Storm?

I can’t tell if this was done on purpose, or was just an accident. I see a hose, and I also saw a sprinkler, although it’s not in this picture. Obviously, the sprinkler was running during the overnight freeze. There was an advisory that one way to protect soft fruit trees during the deep freeze was to coat them with water, and the ice might protect them. I don’t think that was the goal here, though. My neighbor covered his plum tree with a giant blue tarp. I don’t think the freeze was as hard here up on the Boise Bench. I live on the first bench, this “ice storm” happened at a home down near the Boise River. I remember several years ago when we had no snow, a man knew how much his wife wanted a white Christmas, so he ran a sprinkler in the front yard all night so there would be white frost and ice to see Christmas Day.


  1. Whatever happened it's made a really interesting fabulous image. ou've captured the scene really well, especially with the sun overhead.

  2. Hi babooshka, thanks for stopping by. I LOVE you pictures. Someday, I do want to grow up and be a photographer, for now, I'll just keep doing snapshots with a cheapie digital cam. I'm headed to your "neck of the woods" tomorrow - dragging my family on a southern tour of England. We aren't making it to the Isle of Man this time, though, it's on my list for a future trip, though.


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