Monday, April 21, 2008

Gas Up at the Stinker

Stinker Stations have been around Idaho since the 1930s. It’s a gas station chain started by a man with a keen sense of humor - the skunk used to be the big star. The skunk has taken more of a background role since the chain was sold, and since the chain became affiliated with Sinclair. The chains also used to use Burma Shave-style roadside signs for promotion – with sayings something like “Nudist Camp – keep your eyes on the road,” and there would be cutouts of discarded clothing nearby, and maybe a naked mannequin. A recent bus bench banner for Stinker Stations here in Boise said “If you think no one cares, miss a payment.” Stinker was one of the first stations to offer bio-fuels.


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  2. I remember the Stinker stations in the early 60's. I had a skunk sticker on my roller skate suitcase and I still have some of the postcards
    of the signs along the highway. The one near
    the prison on Warms Springs Ave. WRITE TO YOUR
    PEN PALS- THE PAROLE BOARD, I've kept them all
    these years.

  3. I still have some of the postcards the Stinker Stations gave out in the early 1960's. The
    one near the prison on Warm Springs Avenue
    Gloria Lidgard


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