Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Five Mile Sunset

Normally, this isn't one of the most memorable views in Boise, driving along Five Mile road near the railroad tracks just north of Franklin. There's razor wire topping the fence around power company equipment. And, industrial-looking buildings along the tracks. But the sunset is pretty right behind some small storm clouds. The railroad tracks run right by Boise Towne Square, the regional shopping mall. And yes, trains do come through, only freight trains, though. Amtrak passenger service stopped about ten years ago. Everyone once in a while, a car gets too close to the tracks when the trains come through and there's a small accident. The trains move slow through these areas. I remember an incident from about 20 years ago when a man ran his truck into the train as it was moving through the crossing. He was an older gentleman. He told police he thought he was too close to the tracks, so he popped his truck into "reverse" and gunned the engine to get back quick - only he put the engine in "drive" instead.


  1. Hi there, found this blog really interesting! I may be travelling to the US next year and wanted to go to Boise, but I don't want to fly. It's a pain that Amtrak no longer goes to Boise. What other ways are there to get to Boise from Seattle without flying then?!

    Keep up the good work, enjoy your photography!

  2. Hi Bron - thanks for stopping by. I think you can take a Greyhound bus into Boise. You should rent a car, though, so you can enjoy the trip from Seattle to Boise. There's a lot to see! And with a car, you could stop and explore anything that looked interesting. It's best to take two days - although, if you just stay on the road, you can make it in 9-10 hours. I hope you make your trip to the U.S.!


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