Thursday, April 17, 2008

“Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour” – CLOSED

A Boise landmark ice cream parlor has closed, and lots of people are wondering if it can ever re-open. “Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour” on Ustick has been there for more than 45 years. New owners took over last year, but didn’t keep it open long…a sign on the door says the business and property is in bankruptcy. And although it looks unassuming, the ice cream has had a strong following for years. One of the first things I heard about Boise when I was a teen was that you had to go to Delsa’s for ice cream. And when I was involved with projects at the Western Idaho Fair, I remember one of Delsa’s staff bringing me a wonderful blackberry milkshake on a particularly hot day – it was much appreciated! Delsa’s scooped up ice cream for the fair for years. I drove by the restaurant last night and it wasn’t easy. Ustick is torn up and the project has wrecked Delsa’s small front parking lot. I peeked in the windows, the chairs are all stacked upside down on the tables. Tim Woodward wrote an article at the Idaho Statesman you can read here. If Delsa’s has a place in your heart, drive by soon because I have a feeling it may disappear quickly.


  1. Delsa will not see that recking ball anytime soon.One of Boise favorite diners has saved her from becoming a memory.This place is way to great to see it leave are beautiful city.We don't need another commercial building on ustick rd. Delsa will now become the place we all remember her being.The Capri Restaurant has purchased this land mark and had great plans . We hope you all will enjoy Delsas for many more years.

  2. Awesome news!!! Can't wait to see it open. I actually walked up to the windows the other day to look inside....wondering what was going to happen. Perfect for the Capri to manage, they've done small-scale specialty dining successfully for years.


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