Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Chickens of Boise

I was driving through a neighborhood and couldn't resist getting the chickens' portrait - especially after yesterday's cows. Yes, some people keep chickens, I've even thought about it. I'm not exactly sure that anyone was "keeping" this chickens, though. The house was empty and for sale. Some nurseries around here employ chickens for bug control. I've never had a "theory" about seeing chickens in Boise everyday, (see yesterday's post for my Boise cow theory). I know there is a woman in Boise who sells specially-made, portable metal chicken coops. The "special" design is so that raccoons and foxes can't get to them, and they look like little travel trailers.


  1. The chickens are saying dont listen to the cows.

  2. Hi Jim - nice to see you again, I'm sure the chickens are giving the cows some attitude, they seem to be full of that kind of poise.


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