Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Boise River at Breakfast

A shot of the Boise River at breakfast time. The water looks a little more blue in the morning. The river is still running low, although that will change as water is released from the system of dams upstream to make room for all the new water melting off the mountains.


  1. Looks pretty swift as it is. Is that debris in the middle of the river?

  2. Hi "rambling" - thanks for stopping by. Yep, lots of debris in the river right now. Crews will clear some of the snags and fallen trees along the popular tubing route when that season approaches. The river flow may look swift, but I saw people fishing mid-river later in the day, and the water is below their knees. River flows will be up to double come mid-April to make room for the melting snow.


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