Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boise Puzzle Favorite

This is a shot of the box of our favorite Boise puzzle. I'm loaning it to someone this week - it's a nice 500-piece project. It's from an Eric Dowdle folk art painting. I ordered a dozen of these puzzles a few years ago to give as Christmas presents. Interestingly, I found the puzzles in the bargain bin at an online puzzle shopping site - and the description didn't say anything about Boise. But that Train Depot clued me in that it was a depiction of the City of Trees. It also features our now-defunct Boise River Festival - with all the hot air balloons. I don't know if the 500-piece edition is still available, but there is a 1000-piece version of this puzzle that's easily found. Last year, Eric Dowdle was one of the featured artists at Art in the Park. He also sells prints of his original painting.

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