Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Snow Showers Bring....

A surprise to wake up to snow this morning. It probably won't stick around all day, but there is more forecast for tonight. We always joke at our house that it snows late in the season when the snow peas start coming up. We checked yesterday and sure enough, the snow peas were peaking through the soil. This is a shot of the Boise River. I went for a short walk along the greenbelt this morning to see how much the river has risen. River flows will be increased through next week, as water is released from upstream dams to make room for melting mountain snow. I could hear the rushing water before I saw the water, and if you look here you can see just how much the river has risen in just under a week.


  1. I've been to Boise before,
    great blog

  2. the weather is much the same over here - it was sunny first thing this morning and now it is dull - not quite snowing just a cold sort of drizzle.


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